Silver Springs Hotel

Installation of Solar water heaters at Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi, Kampala


As we continue to win Trust from the hotel industry, we have successfully installed 15 solar water heater Tanks at a state of Art Hotel in Bugolobi, Guests at Silver springs Hotel now enjoy hot water powered by Uganda’s free Sunshine. Over 20 cottages at the facility use various sizes of solar water heaters designed, supplied and Installed by Power Trust Uganda Limited, The facility saves a substantial amount of Money on  electricity bills. At  Power Trust  we design Install and maintain Solar water heaters, in Hospitals, Schools, Homes and hotels, we do special designs for swimming pool solar heating as well. A professionally trained solar water heater Technical team is available to ensure  smooth and professional installation of all kinds of solar water heater installations. Our Sole Solar water heaters  come with  a 5 years warranty and designed to live for over 30 years the Product has been on Market since 1975.