We are now proud to announce that we now supply automotive batteries!

Power start batteries come in various sizes and capacities fitting your vehicle’s power needs. The batteries are;

• Durable

• Dependable

• Economical and

• Easy to use.

Our manufacturers perform a series of tests on the batteries to check for any defects or irregularities

We ensure that quality products are supplied at competitive prices and are backed by excellent customer service!

The company also observes compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We supply both vented/LAB batteries and sealed maintenance free batteries.

Power start Maintenance free batteries are tailored for car owners who want the best for their vehicles. The batteries have good cranking power, superior starting power and a long life span while the Power start Vented battery (LAB) is a dependable and economical choice when it comes to car batteries. Power start LAB sizes range from 32 Amps to 200 Amps, ensuring it will fit your vehicle's needs.

Power Trust provides a one-year warranty for the purchased batteries against any defects in original material or manufacture. Only the unexpired period of the warranty will apply for replacement units.