Solar Power in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s worst connected place. Although it has 13 percent of the world’s population, only 48 percent have access to electricity. This means that almost 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity. Despite this lack of electricity, it is projected that sub-Saharan Africa will consume nearly 1,600 terawatt hours by 2040, four times what was used in 2010. As fossil fuel prices are increasing as the supply becomes more limited, there is great potential for renewable energy sources in Africa.

Why Solar Power is Perfect for Africa?

Africa receives many more hours of bright sunshine during the course of the year than any other continent of the Earth. In fact, six of the world’s sunniest countries on earth are on the African continent. It therefore has enormous potential to invest in solar power.



Map shows that Africa gets the most solar radiation than any other continent on the planet.