The Company


Power Trust is a privately owned company, established in 2011 to serve the needs of the growing energy sector by supplying appropriate environmentally friendly products and services. We have a vision to become the leading providers of clean energy solutions in Eastern & Central Africa. 

Our network of reputable international manufacturers ensures that the products and services offered to the community are of the best performance and quality standards; as such, honesty, trust and expertise have won us a good reputation across the region as a contractor of choice for solar energy solutions and electrical engineering.  

Power Trust is a clean energy provider dealing in sourcing, supplying, installation and servicing of solar systems, solar water heaters, power back up systems and generators.  We also provide wind power solutions.

We are able to handle both domestic and commercial solar systems and offer reliable electrical engineering solutions. We have a technical team to provide the desired quality of service, whatever the size of the project. 

We specialise in providing our clients with a superior product and service tailored to their needs. We offer service beyond just the product to ensure that our clients fully appreciate the long-term cost saving benefits of choosing us.


To be the leading providers of clean energy solutions in Eastern & Central Africa 


We provide innovative and affordable clean energy solutions relevant to our clients' needs with the highest professional standards