How Power Trust works

At Power Trust, we take care of the entire process from beginning to end to ensure that you get solar that you can trust.

1.    1.  Get a Free Solar Consultation

   All solar projects start with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your energy use and requirements so that our experienced technicians can design a solar system that is just right for you.

   Once we have all the information we need, we’ll prepare a quotation customised for you.


2.     2.  Sign your contract

   If you’re happy with the quotation, then you’re ready to sign the contract and are one step closer to getting the perfect solar system.

   We offer a range of financial options to fit your financial requirements. Our partnership with Centenary Bank means you can get your solar system now and pay later.


3.     3.  Installation

   After you have signed the contract, we will come and install your solar panel system at a time that suits you best. Most installations only take one day so you can enjoy your new solar panel system straight away.


4.     4.  Start Generating Clean Energy


   Once our technical team gives the go ahead, you can start generating your own clean, affordable energy.